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The question I get asked the most “Is that your real name?” Yes, my name is Bev, short for, Beverly. I was named after my father; he was the first generation to come to America from Ireland. He was raised on our family’s ranch in Oregon, (The 7K Ranch).

Spending much of my childhood and many summers of work on the family ranch instilled in me a strong work ethic and close family ties. This beginning is why we felt the name, 7K Mechanical was right for our company.

My father was also a Navy man. In 1986 I followed in his footsteps and join the Navy as well. Not only did I have the privilege to serve on the USS Missouri but I also got my training and start in the HVAC/R trade, over 30 years ago. The Navy taught me pride in my country, leadership skills, attention to detail and it also allowed me to fill my need to serve.

Following the Navy, I found another way to be involved and serve my community, I became a volunteer fire fighter. In my 12 years of service I worked up to the rank of lieutenant. A truly unforgettable experience.

In 1991 I received the title of father and since that day I have tried to be a good father. I have now been promoted to grandfather.

I am blessed to be married to the woman of my dreams.

All of these blessings and experiences I owe to God. Therefore, in all things, I will do my best to put him first.

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Technician / Installer